When early Spanish explorers landed on islands in the Caribbean in 1490’s, they found natives using a slow-cooking method which used the smoke from fire wood to impart their meat and fish with an amazing flavor. To the Spaniards, this cooking style became known as barbacoa and as they returned to Europe and civilization spread, this type of cooking was adapted by cultures throughout globe.

Centuries later, the meat cooked in this manner – using real hardwood for slow smoking – is still savored as tender, flavorful, and delicious. J&R is one of the pioneers in manufacturing these smokers and has earned a worldwide reputation for designs which enhance the flow of heat and smoke for exquisite taste and texture in the meat.

These models of Smokers are proudly presented for commercial kitchens.

The Oyler Pit
The Little Red Smokehouse
Smokemaster Convection Oven