Food historians trace the history of cooking meat on a spit over an open fire to medieval times. This method became even more popular and received its name around 1450 in French restaurants. Five and a half centuries later, chefs still turn to this time-honored technique to produce moist, succulent dishes by turning food over a roaring fire, and we don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Since pioneering the infrared gas/wood-fired rotisserie style in 1991, J&R has gone on to produce a stunning variety of rotisseries and rotisserie-grill combinations for America’s finest restaurants. These rotisseries are wood-fired, gas-fired, and combination wood and gas- fired for both customer view and “back of the house” installations. Inspired by close collaboration with our culinary colleagues, we have also adapted the traditional Brazilian Churrasco style of slowly turning food over incredibly hot charcoal fires, bringing you the convenience of a cutting-edge product without sacrificing the authentic flavor imparted by the original “gaucho” (cowboy) method.

Take a look at the J&R line of rotisseries.

The Milano
The Fabuloso
Emilio’s Special Combo