J&R Manufacturing

Culinary artists – whether they are chefs or restarauteurs  – are constantly searching for new and better “canvases” on which to create their masterpieces. With cooking, the canvas is an oven, broiler, or rotisserie and the vibrant hues come from real wood. Since ancient times, meat prepared with live fuel, such as wood or charcoal, has a flavor that is unlike any other method of cooking.

Products made by J&R Manufacturing have a rich history. They are steeped in the tradition of wood or charcoal based live fire, interacting with choice cuts of meat. Under the direction of a skilled chef, this method can result in a meal that guests will savor long after the last dish and napkin have been removed. These smokers, broilers, and rotisseries are designed for a heavy-use, commercial setting. They are durable, chef-friendly, high quality, cost-effective, reliable, and innovative. Take a minute and review the glowing reviews of J&R Manufacturing from some of the most talented chefs in the world.

Anthropologists have long-noted the fundamental change in civilization that occurred after fire was discovered to be an invaluable element in the preparation of meat and fish. This changed everything and the human palate would never be the same. In a modern commercial kitchen, live fuel is still a remarkable method for preparing sumptuous meals and J&R makes some of the best smokers, broilers, and rotisseries in history.


Desired and selected by pit masters everywhere to produce real Barbecue the authentic way, fueled ONLY with burning hardwood!



This broiler gets its name from the “show” it actually creates in fine restaurants everywhere.



Customers simply cannot resist this primal, appetite-stimulating cooking method when they see meat turning slowly over incredible hot wood or charcoal fires, or under intense infrared gas burners.



J&R has always had a problem saying “no” to a chef who starts a question with a phrase like, “would it be possible to build a unit that…?” As a result, we are now considered the “go-to” manufacturer for custom broilers, rotisseries, and smokers.